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Thursday, May 04, 2006

We use the term "prospecting" to describe what we do everyday: that is, going out there and uncovering opportunities, lead generation, appointment setting, etc.

It's become such a common phrase in sales that it's easy to forget where the term comes from.

In a recent message on Sourcers Unleashed, Maureen Sharib of TechTrak, the US-based Names Sourcing company, posted about the term "pocket mining", found in a narrative by Mark Twain:

"In that one little corner of California is found a species of mining which is seldom or never mentioned in print. It is called "pocket mining" and I am not aware that any of it is done outside of that little corner. The gold is not evenly distributed through the surface dirt, as in ordinary placer mines, but is collected in little spots, and they are very wide apart and exceedingly hard to find, but when you do find one you reap a rich and sudden harvest.

There are not now more than twenty pocket miners in that entire little region. I think I know every one of them personally. I have known him to take out three thousand dollars in two hours...This is the most fascinating of all the different kinds of mining."

Now that strikes a chord with me, and I'm sure with many others in this business.

Prospecting is all about using your skill and expertise to seek out those hard to find nuggets of gold. It takes a little time, the gold will be spread about a bit and not that easy to locate, but when you find it...the rewards can be very lucrative.

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