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Monday, March 27, 2006

Just to add to my post this morning about the global reach of online networking platforms such as openBC, LinkedIn and Ecademy; here's a snapshot of my network on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn provides some interesting statistics on your network. On LinkedIn, your network is anyone that you can contact directly or reached through a friend and one of their friends (three degrees away)

As of right now, my network on LinkedIn has 3,082,900+ people. I say "right now" as it's just grown by 7,046 new people since March 25, and that was over the weekend ;-)

As you can see from this snap-shot, in the last couple of days 636 people in the UK have come within "reach" in my network. That means I can now find them, and vice versa. That's some growth-rate.

Does that mean that I know who they all are? Of course not, these are the weak ties that online platforms such as LinkedIn turn into potential relationship capital for business development.


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