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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I was reading a recent article published within Call Centre Focus, the UK's #1 customer contact magazine, which looks at the growing market for interim management services.

The article publishes results from a survey on interim management which shows that demand is strongest for interim general managers (33%). This is followed by finance managers (21%).

According to the report, the third function with strongest demand is sales and marketing managers with 11%.

This certainly echos our experience and view of this fast growing market.

As more companies use general interims and recognise the value interim management services bring as an efficient resourcing option, clients begin to seek specialist solutions to specific issues.

Sales & marketing has always been a function with a huge impact on business performance. Any change within a salesforce is high risk where mistakes can cost a company years of profits.

For us, the answer is to hire high quality interims with a solid track record in sales and marketing.

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