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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ronin is a great film. Ronin is the Japanese word used for Samurai without a master. In this case, the Ronin are specialists whose services are available to everyone - for money. The plot revolves around several Ronin hired to form a team in order to retrieve an important suitcase from a man who is about to sell it to the Russians.

The thing I like is that everyone has a specialist skill which, when blended together, creates the perfect team for the objective. To me, when running a new business campaign, you need that mix of people and skill-sets.

Deirdre (Natascha McElhone) represents the client, or sponsor for the project. She sets the objectives and has the initial strategy outline. Sam (Robert De Niro) is the leader of the team, refining the strategy, and Vincent (Jean Reno) is the local man with the contacts. The remaining team are all about execution; they are the foot soldiers needed to ensure the overall objective is met.

It's an excellent parallel to how we work with our clients. We generally start with a role similar to De Niro's, helping shape the strategy, proposition and plan. Then we take up the Vincent role, finding the contacts and getting the inside scoop to support our clients with execution.

The only problem is that, after a number of betrayals and double-crossings, most of the team end up dead and it finishes with the client being killed by the team leader.

OK, so maybe they'll not get the best testimonial ;-)

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