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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Risk is something any new venture faces.

As our services help mitigate some of the risk of launching new ventures, whether it be a startup or corporate-backed, it's something we understand and manage every day.

In The Venture Imperative, authors Heidi Mason & Tim Rohner neatly sum up the different attitudes to risk of startups and corporates.

"Because startups change course often and swiftly, they view uncertainty as a normal managed risk. Many critical elements of the business model for a new enterprise can be determined only through active competition in the marketplace, not via analysis based on historical data."

Contrast that with:

"When corporate strategists and other corporate leaders cast their eyes on a proposed new venture, they're often looking for a work of analytical perfection that quantifies every element of the business plan and eliminates all risks."

Our services can certainly help bridge the gap for corporate ventures and new market or product launches; I mentioned this in a previous post on the concept of "Live R&D"

Because we help shape value propositions at that crucial early-phase of the venture, our clients can manage their exposure to risk by testing the market without diverting internal resources.

As the authors of The Venture Imperative ask: "When do you stop analyzing and start executing?"

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