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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

CHA have recently published their "Winning Work" survey of board-level buyers of business and management consultancy services.

It's an excellent, informative report which offers some real insight into the decision-making criteria of large corporate buyers when selecting consultants.

One of the things that resonates with me is the fact that "46 per cent say that if consultancies have made no effort to engage them before the tender process then they are at a disadvantage."

As a company focused on directly engaging senior decision makers this comes as no surprise.

All of our clients offer "consulting" services, whether they're a pure management consultancy or a marketing services agency, and they know that in today's overcrowded and competitive markets you need to build relationships before there's an opportunity.

And this is where there's a lot of interesting content in this survey.

You see, if you're reaching out to senior executives you need to bring value with you. It's no use simply calling up and asking if they're in the market for your services. Sure, it can work, sometimes... but you'll be throwing away most of your prospects and for many clients that's just not an option.

The better approach is to create something of value, which could be a round-table event, an executive briefing, or a peer-level survey. This gives you an edge which you can leverage to start a dialogue.

To reach senior buyers in large corporates it's always worth the extra effort.


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